Winter Tire Guide 2017: Which Tires to Buy and When to Buy Them

Winter Tire Guide 2017: Which Tires to Buy and When to Buy Them

Having the right winter tires on your vehicle is essential for winter driving safety. Take a look below to find out which tires are the best to get you from point A to point B safely on snowy, icy roads.

Winter Tires vs All-Season Tires

If you live in an area that gets little snow in the winter, and rarely gets below 7 °C (45° F), all-season tires could last you all year. However if it regularly snows and often gets below 7 °C, you’ll definitely need a tire that’s built for those harsh conditions.

Winter tires are manufactured to have aggressive tread patterns and are made in a way that keeps them pliable in cold conditions.

Winter tires offer far superior acceleration, braking, and handling in the snow compared to all-season tires.

Winter Tires, Condition and Performance

Tires perform differently depending on their condition and this is particularly noticeable in the ice and snow. Worn tires can affect braking, cornering and road handling in adverse conditions.

Generally speaking, even worn winter tires will outperform new 3-season tires during the winter. But once a tire is worn beyond 50%, performance noticeably decreases in both braking and cornering.

Premium winter tires will retain their quality longer than budget winter tires or 3-season tires. Transport Canada’s official guidelines say that tires worn close to 5/32” should never be driven on roads that are snow-covered. Most tire manufacturers as well as the law in most provinces in Canada support these standards.

  • #1: 3-season tires are significantly less safe for driving in extreme winter weather.

  • #2: If you want tires that will last, not just perform well for a short period of time, get the best winter tires you can find. It’s worth it.

  • #3: Stopping distance diminishes greatly beyond 50 percent wear (7/32”), so buy a new set once your tires reach this point.

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How to Know When to Replace Your Winter Tires

Winter tires are extremely durable. Their deep tread allows the vehicle to push through the slush and snow, yet grip on icy roads and through corners. Once your tires get to 4/32” though, their ability to do this is vastly reduced.

How can you tell how worn your winter tires are?

  • Tread Wear Indicator: Many tires will have a built in tread wear indicator. These are raised bars along the grooves of the tires that indicate the minimum legal tread depth. If these indicators are worn, it’s time to switch out your tires.
  •  Tire Tread Depth Gauge: This handy device is available at most gas stations and is an easy way to get an accurate idea of how much tread is left on your tires. Simply place the gauge into the shallowest groove of the tread and take a reading. If the readout falls below 7 – 12/32” then it’s time for a change.
  • Coin: A quick way of determining whether there’s sufficient tread left on your tires is to use a coin. If the tread only reaches to the lettering around the outside of the coin, it’s likely too worn to be safe and effective in the snow

Winter Tire-change Check-up pointers

Aside from checking the tread of your tires, there are a few telltale signs you can look out for that indicate it’s time for a new set:

  • Bulges and blisters: if a tire has a bulge or blister on its wall, there’s a very high chance it’s about to blowout or fail. If you notice one of these, you should change your tire immediately.
  • Lacerations or punctures larger than 0.25 inches: any lacerations or obvious signs of damage will render a tire unstable. A puncture that is bigger than 0.25 inches in the tread or tire wall is also irreparable.
  • If you’re only buying two new tires, make sure that they match and are placed on the rear axle.
  • Also ensure that the speed and load-carrying capacity of your new tires matches that of any you’re not changing.

Top Tires for Winter in Canada

  •  Bridgestone Blizzak: provides excellent winter traction thanks to the design of the tread which prevents water from forming between the tread and the road surface.
  •  Continental WinterContact SI: a new tire to the Canadian market that is gaining popularity thanks to its densely packed tread and excellent grip in winter conditions.
  •  Michelin X-Ice Xi3: has a unique design that spreads the load when braking and accelerating while at the same time gripping the road.
  •  Nokian Hakkapeliitta: the result of years of testing and perfecting winter tires from a Finnish company.
  •  Pirelli Winter Sottozero: has a unique composition, giving enhanced mechanical, thermal and dynamic properties when driving on snowy roads.




Best Truck Models 2017

Best Truck Models 2017

Although 2016 saw a continued rise on overall vehicle sales stateside, dull weather, hurricanes, and overall skepticism did take a toll on vehicle sales. 2017 however, saw the dominance of crossovers on overall sales. But this trend never dampened the sales of pickup trucks, as demand for these workhorses continued to soar with its practicality catering a majority of working class Canadians.

We have rounded up a few of the Best Selling Trucks Canada has considered this year.


GMC Canyon – Coming in at fourth place for the best trucks of 2016-2017 is General Motor’s foray into the premium midsize truck segment, the GMC Canyon.   Power comes from the ever reliable 3.4L Duramax V6.  And, there’s also GM’s relatively new (stateside) 181 hp Duramax Inline 4 Common Rail Diesel, bringing ample power and torque for those too lazy to go to the pump. Projector-beam headlamps, LED-signature front lighting, Lane Departure Warning/Forward Collision Alert, EZ-Lift and Lower Tailgate, 6 speed auto, and a 7700 lb trailer rating round up the specs on this midsize truck.

Chevrolet Colorado Windsor Ontario2017-chevrolet-colorado-for-sale-windsor-ontario

Chevrolet Colorado – At third place is Chevy’s Best Midsize Pickup Truck offering. A virtual twin of the Canyon, the Chevrolet Colorado shares the spec sheet with its GM sibling. Offering three capable engines, including an available 3.6L V6 with best-in-class horsepower and the GM-exclusive Duramax®2.8L Turbo-Diesel engine, the Colorado also boasts of a 7700 lb towing capacity, an exclusive Multimatic DSSV™ Damping System, front and rear electronic locking differentials and four wheel disc brakes. Inside, heated seats, Bose®sound system, intuitive controls, leather appointments, and available built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi® connection for up to seven devices make up for that premium ride and feel. And because it’s a midsize, you won’t find yourself hogging 2 parking spaces at Walmart.



GMC Sierra –General Motors’ offering doesn’t disappoint at our best Pickup truck list. Second place for our top picks goes to the Sierra 1500, fresh from a 2016 makeover. Hinting of a more upscale feel than most of its rivals, the Sierra 1500 offers premium bits like LEDs on both the foglights and the tail lights, HIDs, upscale styling, and 22 inch wheels.  Sierras 1500s come standard with a 285-hp 4.3-liter V-6 engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. And if you’re going for the Denali, it will come standard with a 420-hp 6.2-liter V-8 engine, coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission. A reduced noise interior, new infotainment system and GMs Onstar 4G connectivity are new for 2017.



Chevrolet Silverado – Earning the top spot of our Best Pickup Truck List is the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. With an updated, robust design, the Bow Tie full size has a new fascia, hood,  tailgate and has available LEDs on both the front and rear lights. Although styled less discerningly than its Sierra brother, the brute look of the Silverado seems to appeal to most truck buyers, not to mention its bank- friendlier pricing.   As with the Sierra, the Silverado comes with a 285-hp 4.3-liter V-6 engine mated also with the same six speed auto. Engine choices include a 5.3 liter V8 and a 420hp 6.2 liter V8 with an eight speed automatic.

It is obvious that Chevrolet had a clear vision of what it wanted to make when it came out with the Silverado – an honest, no-nonsense workhorse designed to be effective at its job. With an assortment of class leading engines, fuel economy, an all new exterior in a competitively priced package, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is undoubtedly the top contender in our best pickup truck roundup for 2016-2107.

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